Grooveshark is a free music discovery and social radio engine along the lines of Spotify. actually rates Grooveshark just above Pandora due to the ease of collecting and sharing playlists.

If you haven’t checked Grooveshark out, give it a try. There are mobile apps for all the platforms and the web interface is pretty clean. The selection of artists is expansive, with licensing from many labels and distributors.

While you’re there, definitely add LowHero.DLL to a list.


A few years ago, I chose Bandcamp as the primary distribution channel for LowHero.DLL, at least temporarily foregoing industry mainstays like iTunes. I haven’t had any regrets. One thing (among many) I love about Bandcamp is that they put so much thought into and take the appropriate amount of time to develop new features. They also pay keen attention to what artists (and now fans) really want and how they want it. For this reason, every enhancement Bandcamp makes to their service is a hit with users.

I expect Bandcamp for Fans will not be the exception to this high standard. The functionality may seem a bit familiar on the surface but Bandcamp is known for taking some institutional ideas and innovating. It will probably draw comparisons to Pinterest or Spotify from some. That’s some good company but I think this may end up being a thing all its own - something even a little engaging and addictive as indicated by the fun article I linked below.

 Music purchases increased 40% upon release of the new fan feature. That’s huge. It’s going to be the next big thing. All you have to do to get an invite is buy a track from any of the tens of thousands of great artists. Check it out. 


"I rock it film noir, baby!"

New LowHero.DLL Track - Geeking Out Alone

LowHero.DLL is waking up from a short sleep. The dreams were good though, and have inspired some new music.

Please enjoy this early release of the first single from an upcoming EP titled,Lost Cablegrams, due for release in May 2013.

Download for free (temporarily) at SoundCloud:

New LowHero.DLL Remix - Night Colours

The LowHero.DLL remix of Night Colours (by Kites With Lights) is posted! Definitely check it out. I took KWL’s awesome upbeat version and re-imagined it as an emotional down-tempo composition.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

You can hear both versions here:


My version of the Clockwork Orange theme music

It is always nice to take a break from my main recording project to dabble in a more eclectic mix of genres and influences. I have always loved Purcell’s Funeral March For Queen Mary and have been looking for some time to create my own interpretation. This piece of music lends itself so well to many different combinations of instruments and I may end up doing a few more versions in my lifetime.

For now, this is my offering. I tried to stay true to the original, opting for the same big somber chord progressions rather than cluttering it up with faster notes and arpeggios. As a side note, I learned all the chords by ear, which I think helps lend some originality to the composition.


LowHero.DLL was featured by TIDE 96.0 Radio out of Hamburg, Germany in the Das E-Werk show on 2/27/2012 alongside many other great acts including Underworld and E-Craft. It is always a great compliment to have multiple tracks featured or be used to open or close a show. LowHero.DLL was honored with both as 2 tracks, one original (Roman Holiday) and one remix (Unique Perspective, Pristine Mix by Polluted) closed the show back to back.

We’d like to give a special thanks to Das E-Werk for their feature of our tracks!


LowHero.DLL has been featured in 2 consecutive episodes (217 and 218) of Con!tro!lo, an excellent Electro-Synthpop podcast out of Portugal.

All of the Con!tro!lo episodes can be accessed here:

The postcast has so far focused on excellent remixes of some tracks from the album Worse Than Digital, particularly those from Testube,Digital Dirt Heads, and Polluted.

20 plays

New Dance Track from LowHero.DLL - Chartreuse Dramagreen Mix 

Dramagreen is the dance remix for LowHero.DLL’s popular Track, Chartreuse. The vibe is somewhat electro house but hard to categorize due to an eclectic mix of influences.

All the vocals from the original are retained for this mix and there are a couple dramatic drops with plenty of groovy flow in-between. This version is intended to move your body but I won’t be offended if you find it just as appealing for more involved listening.

LowHero.DLL Announces the Release of Worse Than Digital

1/8/2012 For immediate release

The 4th official release from LowHero.DLL on the GLIM Records label, Worse Than Digital is a cold exploration of uncertain relationships in the digital age as the objects of our affections and intrigue become less tangible. 

Loaded with ominous electro bass lines, strong rhythms, and edgy, noisy synths, LowHero.DLL continues to find some gray area between the catchy pop song and the proverbial head-thumper. Lyrically, Worse Than Digital uses scientific and technological themes as a metaphorical means of tapping into the more organic and ethereal human condition as can be felt in the enigmatic line, electron meets a positron and they do the dance of annihilation, which alludes to a volatile and tenuous relationship between man and woman in this fast and frenzied “always on” society. 

Worse Than Digital, with over 60 minutes of play, is comprised of 6 original tracks, one cover (The Ballad - originally by Snog), and 5 remixes by some excellent indie-electronica acts: Testube, Type001, Polluted, Digital Dirt Heads, and R010R.

Available for sale at Bandcamp 1/8/2012

Available for sale at Google Music Store for Android on 1/9/2012

Song Order for ‘Worse Than Digital’

LowHero.DLL is excited to announce the final song order for the upcoming release of Worse Than Digital:

1. Annihilation Dance
2. Worse Than Digital
3. Chartreuse
4. The Ballad
5. Roman Holiday
6. Annihilation Dance (Remixed by Type001)
7. Unique Perspective (Remixed by Polluted)
8. Worse Than Digital (Remixed by Testube)
9. Roman Holiday (Remixed by R010R)
10. Chartreuse (Remixed by Digital Dirt Heads)
11. Unique Perspective
12. Much Worse (Outro)